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Beyond Boundaries: Unleashing the Power of Virtual Marketing Suites for Property Developers

Selling new homes has never been more challenging. As property developers, you're on the lookout for cost-effective solutions to effectively market your projects and connect with potential buyers ...

That's where the Virtual Marketing Suite (VMS) comes in! This online, explorable experience brings your traditional marketing suite into the digital realm, engaging potential buyers in your sales journey, beyond the walls of your physical suite.

Let's dive into the VMS - and discover why it’s essential to support and elevate your sales in today's climate.

The Virtual Marketing Suite Unveiled

Welcome to the cutting-edge digital platform that's designed to replicate or enhance your traditional sales and marketing suite. Think of it as a high-tech tool that brings your suite right to the screens of potential buyers, allowing them to go on your sales journey without leaving their homes.

A Journey Through Immersion

A hike up from static websites, the VMS offers a more interactive and immersive experience. Visitors can explore the different sections, soaking up information and getting a real sense of your development’s features, amenities and overall ambience. Alternatively, your friendly sales agents can guide them around, giving them the same engaging experience they give your buyers in person.

Accessible for All, Anywhere

One thing that sets the VMS apart is its accessibility. No fancy gear needed here! Unlike full VR or AR setups that require specialised (and often costly) equipment, the VMS offers a user-friendly and inclusive experience. Anyone with an internet connection can join the exploration, no matter where they are or what device they have.

A Comprehensive Showcase

The VMS serves as your grand showcase. With detailed visuals, 360-degree panoramas and interactive content, you're presenting your marketing suite - and development - like never before. This comprehensive showcase means your buyers can make informed decisions, even before they've physically visited your site.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

Engagement skyrockets with the VMS. The interactive nature lets potential buyers access crucial info, explore floor plans, view stunning images and even tour specific units virtually. This engagement builds trust and strong connections throughout their entire journey.

Streamlining Your Sales Journey

As a super sales-enablement tool, the VMS can also include functionality to streamline your sales process too. These elements can even be turned on and off as needed - your VMS is all about what functionality you need and when. This includes:

🤖 AI introduction to the suite and development

✅ Pre-qualification questionnaire

📞 Contact/appointment booking with developer appointed financial advisor

🗓️ Appointment booking with sales agents

📑 Access to a conveyancing portal

💰 A reservation fee payment portal

Global Reach Without Travelling

Selling to overseas clients can now be … convenient! The VMS makes it possible to market your development around the clock, catering to clients worldwide in the luxury of their own homes - and bridging the geographical gap.

We've supported countless clients with overseas sales events. They're traditionally done in situ and take a massive amount of expense and effort. This generally culminates in one weekend's worth of exposure, during which clients may or may not turn up depending on a myriad of factors, not least of which being the weather! The VMS enables you to offer a sales suite experience to these (often VIP) clients without so much as setting foot in an airport.

It's also great when there are several stakeholders involved in the purchasing decision - perhaps children and parents who may not be in the same geographical location. Everyone's welcome and able to join a suite tour, together.

Ultimately, this gives your overseas agents the power to continuously market to their full database of potential clients without restriction; and this greatly reduces the time cost and risk of physical overseas showcases.

In Summary

When you combine your traditional sales and marketing suite with a VMS, you're expanding your audience, connecting on a deeper level and taking much of the hassle out of selling internationally. As the property industry continues to evolve so must technology, and the VMS stands at the forefront of digital transformation, providing a dynamic sales tool for property developers, like you.

Join the Conversation 🗣️

We're intrigued: How do you see technology shaping the future of marketing in your industry? Are there tech-driven strategies you're itching to implement?

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