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Marketing Suites: Architectural Model or No Architectural Model?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Most property developers still have an architectural model of their development within their marketing suite. The question is; is it real or virtual?

Having recently celebrated a decade at Quintessence it was interesting to look back and see how far marketing suite Proptech has come over the last 10 years.

Gone are the days of the trusty laser pointer and stickers as most, if not all, physical models are able to light plots. Some developers still use a keypad which, more often than not, have evolved into an LCD version of the old metal buttoned pads.

Some developers prefer a more interactive model lighting tablet showing plans and CGI’s of the lit plots and some have done away with the physical model altogether in favour of a virtual model. We've been facilitating both requirements, and everything in between, for several years now.

How do you decide?

Of course, the decision-making process on having an architectural model is never linear. It must take into account several key elements such as budget, physical floor space, target audience, location and relocation. Many developments are also phased with large tranches coming online regularly, so speed and ease of update is also a critical factor.

What's clear here is that there is no right answer or one size fits all approach. It's a considered approach that takes into account the breadth and knowledge of marketers and the requirements and experience of the sales teams. In Proptech, expectation often follows innovation, as we progress and see more interesting and varied solutions come to market. For me, the key takeaway from this progression is that it opens up a menu of different options for developers and can now, more than ever before, be tailored to the specific requirements of each development.

Peabody's Southmere development utilised a physical and virtual model. Here's what Karina, their Head of Campaign Marketing, thought:

Will we ever see a day when physical models no longer adorn our marketing suites? Personally, I hope not. There's something reassuringly tangible and real about them and, after all, we are physical entities ourselves. However, the virtual world is also becoming a reality, and my son and his generation may well have a markedly different view on the subject. What do you think?

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