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The Science Behind Improving Sales: Discover The Picture Superiority Effect

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

We’ve all heard ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ and it’s proven to be more than a baseless expression.

Science shows that the human brain not only processes visuals faster, but that most people retain and recall pictures more effectively. In fact, according to Brain Rules, people are only likely to remember 10% of what they read and hear three days later, but they’ll remember 65% if you add a reinforcing picture into the mix.

This phenomenon is known as the picture superiority effect - and it’s worth knowing about if you work in marketing or sales.

Neuroscience also dictates that the brain’s centre for emotions, the amygdala, plays a key role in how we process decisions and that it’s better stimulated visually too.

Tim Riesterer, author and chief strategy and marketing officer of Corporate Visions says,

Behaviours and decisions to change happen in the part of the brain does not contain the capacity for language. So what it really does require is something visual, and, in particular, it requires contrast to actually be able to discern whether it makes sense to make a decision based on the proposal from a salesperson or their pitch. It's that visual contrast that sparks the emotion.”

How can marketers and sales agents capitalise on this science?

Sales are hard to close; the proven power of the picture superiority effect might just make it easier to take that deal over the line. It’s clear that visuals should take centre stage throughout the sales journey, helping your message be absorbed better and retained for longer. Visual storytelling is the ideal way to guide different customers, with different requirements, along the same sales path.

Take the growing popularity of infographics, for example. Like the one below, infographics are a great way to introduce customers to your product or services in a more visually stimulating and interesting way.

An infographic explaining the three benefits of interactive experiences in property marketing suites

But we’re not just talking about using pretty photos and infographics, there’s an extra layer to this onion. The ultimate way to engage customers in a visual and memorable sales experience: interactive touchscreen experiences.

Giving your customers a unique experience that meets their needs, interactive presentations are an innovative sales-enablement tool that brings your service or product to life and maximises emotional response. In fact, they're not just a visual tool, they're a multimedia tool, combining sound, touch, text and images for the best possible result. Using the property sector as an example, interactives enable sales agents and customers to collaborate effectively. Here's a sneak peak of an interactive in action:

(Video: Peabody's Southmere Marketing Suite, Thamesmead) If you'd like to discuss how your sales and marketing team can stand by the science, we're always here to talk. Reach out to us today on:

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