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Take your Customers on a Journey: Turning Your Content into an Interactive Story

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Content has many definitions and means different things to many people.

As its true adjective states, it’s a peaceful and happy word. In the age of readily available information, it's now also a very powerful word too.

A word now etched into business and marketing strategies, with ‘content marketing’ seen as an effective way to engage target audiences and promote brand awareness. With this lies a challenge: we're all heavy content consumers, we live and breathe content every day, so what makes content successful and keeps audiences engaged?

93% of marketers agree that interactive content is effective in educating its audience, versus just 70% for static content. Just another stat, or the key to how your content can be elevated even further? We think the latter.

As a founding pioneer of interactive experiences & technology, Quintessence has 12 years experience of working alongside organisations and marketing agencies, delivering and creating interactive content solutions. We've seen a noticeable shift from interactive content displays to interactive storytelling in recent years, with good reason.

Everyone loves a good story. If it can persuade the brain and reach the heart, it's a winner - interactive storytelling enables both.

Through visualisation, and the ability to interact with the story, your audience can quickly become immersed in it. Within marketing suites, retail areas, office spaces and events, we have witnessed first-hand the powerful benefits of interactive storytelling.

Tell YOUR interactive story and take YOUR customers on a journey!

From what our experience and understanding have shown us, this is the fundamental principle. Tell your story and take your customers on a journey. By maximising the use of your content, such as images, videos and infographics, and combining these with interactive animations, gestures and micro-interactions, you can bring your story to life. Interactions speak louder than words. Here's a taster:

That’s where Quintessence can help. If you have a story to tell, and the content to support it, you're a good part of the way there. We spend time understanding what's unique about your story, the people involved and how to best engage the people who need to hear it.

Using striking interactive technology, we take all of this knowledge and combine it with our expertise to deliver the ultimate, interactive experience that's personalisable in the moment.

The beauty of having interactive technology within consumer and customer-led spaces is that multiple people can go on the journey at the same time, collaborating and being able to communicate their thoughts while doing so allows for a much greater experience and higher engagement rate as appose to traditional static storytelling methods.

Interactive storytelling and taking your audience on the journey taps into an inherently human love of narratives, and the benefits of including both as part of your business and marketing strategy are numerous. Your content will not only be more memorable, but it will also allow your viewers to engage with it and go on that journey!

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