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If Content is King, are Interactive Touch Screens the Crown?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Few marketers will argue that consumer experience is more important than ever, and that it's a great opportunity for brands.

As our client, Consero, recently told us, "the world's moved on the lot in the past five years, and if we don’t move with it we'll become dinosaurs."

Well, Jurassic Park didn't look like much fun, and audiences expect to interact with brands and their content in 2023. In fact, according to Forbes, companies that lead in customer experience outperform laggards by nearly 80%.

If you want to make more of an impact this year, we’ve pulled together how interactive touch screens can help you do it. Introducing the Quintessence five C's of Interactivity:

1. Connection

If marketing is all about reaching the heart of your audiences’ needs, interactive touchscreen experiences make that easily possible. The connection between your brand and consumers skyrockets with interactivity, since these experiences create a unique dynamic that encourages collaboration.

Better still, the connection created by interactive elements means your audience will not only feel emotionally drawn in but they'll physically participate in a fine-tuned experience of your messaging.

A sales agent stands to the left of a wall-mounted touchscreen featuring an interactive property presentation. He's discussing the content with another man, planning to buy a property, who is standing to the right of the screen,

Quintessence Installation at the Riverside Gardens Marketing Suite

2. Choice

The power of an interactive presentation often lies in the choice they give your consumer.

Interactives offer the freedom for users to choose what they want or need to see, despite having masses of information at their fingertips. While they seamlessly whittle down your carefully planned content, they're creating and controlling their own, relevant experience.

Beneath those choices sits your chosen structure and that's important too. The flow you implement should keep your user on the right path, guiding them towards a predetermined outcome without taking away their freedom to choose how they get there.

3. Cost Effective

An interactive isn't just for Christmas. Undeniably, interactive presentations are an investment - but a long-term one that yields quick results and ROI.

In fact, we've had clients who've used the same hardware for three presentations, in numerous locations, spanning many years!

Having so much of your brand information packed into one place usually reduces the amount of other marketing and sales communications you need, and therefore lessens spends in other areas too. For the other digital assets you do use, the initial work carried out when pulling together messaging, structure and narrative for your interactive often spins off into those and content is re-used and repurposed. Win, win, win.

A man navigates a touch screen in a banking outlet. He's using a circular object to flick through credit card options.

Quintessence Installation at Banco Poplar's first Digital Bank in the Dominican Republic

4. Compelling

A 2022 study showed that interactive advertising is more effective at seizing attention, provoking emotion and driving brand impact. Evidence also shows that students who are actively engaged with learning materials demonstrate greater learning gains than those who are passively engaged.

In a nutshell, our brains are compelled to interaction and engagement. Interactivity gives consumers a reason to stay. By appealing to numerous senses, interactive experiences create a more powerful and lasting memory and are more effective in inspiring action in the future.

5. Content

If content really is King, interactive content is the crown.

Good content will always be an important part of any marketing strategy and making that content interactive keeps users interested when they're exposed to content constantly.

An interactive presentation allows for the integration of text, images, audio and videos, all wrapped into one impressive package. Having that lovely mix of media is an effective way to turn your key messages and value proposition into something your audience will care about.

A man taps the "start a call" symbol on a large touch screen featuring the Zoom app.

Quintessence Installation for Corporate Communications

Interactive Touch Screen Summary

If you've ever viewed interactive experiences as high-budget, a luxury or over-complicated, we hope we've gone some way to convince you otherwise. In reality, with the right experience, support and ideas on your side, interactivity is game-changing for brands.

This leaves us with a question - is your brand harnessing consumer enthusiasm for interaction to maximise sales, marketing and growth efforts?

If not, and the five C's have whet your appetite, we'd love to meet to dig deeper.

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