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Innovation: Three Inspiring Examples of Interactive Touchscreens for Property Marketing Suites

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Innovative interactive tech brings people together. It removes limits. It makes a sales journey that's complex, simple. But behind the simplicity your customer sees sits innovation - here are three examples of interactives that are, well, pretty special.

Peabody: Southmere

Peabody's Southmere development allowed us to push the boundaries of interactive innovation - a relishable challenge! The overall aim was to create a unique customer experience featuring both 3D and 2D visualisation. Two separate teams across two different software platforms were needed to achieve this, both programming in different languages in tandem. The combined result was something really quite epic.

A lit architectural model sits in the centre of a property marketing suite, with a large four-screen touch screen on the wall to the left.

3D Meets 2D

Integrating two software platforms together created a virtual experience with real wow factor. Users start by exploring an interactive 3D environment, before being lead to a 2D apartment finder, where they can view individual property plans, specifications and CGI’s. It really is the ultimate 3D & 2D interactive customer journey.

Dual Lighting

Apartment lighting is a feature customers always love - the more lights you can have, the better. Signals sent from the interactive to the architectural model enable both the interactive apartment finder on screen AND the physical model to light simultaneously. The result? A dual lighting experience that Clark Griswold would be proud of.

Schroders/Stanhope: Wenlock Works

The marketing suite at Wenlock Works required multiple display screens to help showcase the stunning commercial development. Understanding the development and the local area was vital, while working closely with the client to produce a commercial development story that culminates in customers viewing their potential new office space.

A man touches a touch table in a dark property marketing suite while looking at three large wall-mounted screens

Multiple Displays with Master Interactive Control Screen

Multiple displays really look as good as they sound. Using a three-screen video wall and an interactive table screen was a great design and functionality choice. The multiple display experience allowed users to learn about the development and commercial space available. The table control screen provided the functionality for content to be mirrored to the wall screens - CGI’s, animated routes, and key information were projected onto the displays along the interactive journey, bringing the key features and benefits of the development to life.

Object Recognition

Programmed circular objection recognition tags enabled floorplans to be dynamically selected and cast to the wall screens. Multiple tags allowed users to independently toggle through individual floors and spaces to collaboratively view plans to compare and contrast. Fun and functional!

The best of Interactive Touchscreens for Property: HD Media City

The sophisticated marketing suite at Latimer's Media City development includes an interactive video wall and development model. The brief was to create a user experience showcasing the brand, development and key features that would allow customers to fully immerse themselves in the journey.

A property marketer uses a large touchscreen wall to show a buyer property plot plans

Circular Navigation

In keeping with the development brand and client objectives, a circular navigation menu needed to be programmed. This gave users have the ability to quickly and seamlessly navigate through the menu, transitioning through each key information page using a dynamic circle - which is much harder to create than it sounds! Circular navigation was the starting point for the interactive journey through the development.

Highlighted & Clickable Building CGI

The ability for users to easily select floors and view multiple plans was a key part of the customer journey for Latimer. Working from the CGI’s supplied, we produced a combined interactive floor and apartment navigation experience that was highlightable and clickable, enabling users to select building, floor, apartment and open multiple plans for comparisons.

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