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Are trade shows and events part of your marketing plan? From massive industry-wide events to smaller local shows, exhibiting can be a great way to generate leads and show your clients how your solution solves their problem.

Shows are noisy and busy places, with brands competing for the attention of attendees, and it’s often the case that the most-visited stands walk away with the best results.

In this quick guide, we’re sharing five effective ways to make your exhibition stand, stand out!

Give Attendees a Place to Relax & Recharge

Attending an exhibition is tough on the feet and energy levels of visitors. Instead of being just another stand for them to walk past, turn part of your booth into a welcoming, recharge area for attendees – how could they resist a sit-down? Comfortable chairs/sofas are a must, you can even offer refreshments, nibbles and reliable WiFi – the more creative and memorable the better!

Be a Little Different

Everyone loves the chance to win a prize; tempting visitors with a freebie is an age-old approach. It’s tried, tested and undoubtedly successful, but everyone does it - how can you do it in a unique way? How about an attention-grabbing, virtual wheel of fortune on a touch screen, so your visitors can get competitive and have fun? If you don’t want to go the freebie route, you can still stand out - how can you demonstrate your product or service in an entertaining and engaging way? Whatever idea you land on, surprise your visitors and get them talking.

Bring Your Best

One of the biggest tradeshow mistakes stand staff make is not engaging with visitors, choosing the right people to represent your brand at an exhibition is critical. Think about your exhibition goals and bring the team members who you know will bring the most value to your visitors, while also enjoying the experience themselves.

Be Social

Don’t forget your social media while you’re at the event itself, allocate someone from your team to be on social media watch for the day, connecting with other people posting about the event. You can amplify your attendance by encouraging social shares from attendees too. Ensuring your stand design is Insta-worthy is a great way of doing this, as is inviting an interesting guest that people will want to take a selfie with.

Take Advantage of Technology

Stay ahead of the curve by creating an interactive experience that will draw people over to your stand from across the room. From touchscreen tables that help you sell your service or product, to virtual reality experiences that delight visitors, technology never fails to bring the buzz. 

Exhibiting is a big investment in both money and time, so if you’re going to do it, do it right! Here's a great example of event technology in action at a local Government regeneration event:

Screenshot (91).png

About the Author:

Lisa Newhouse: An avid reader and committed storyteller, Lisa's been a digital marketer for over eight years. With a particular interest in people and the way they think, she's a sucker for true crime documentaries and the psychology underpinning sales & marketing.

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