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Quintessence Interactive Touchscreen Experience for Real Estate Recognised As Outstanding Tool

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Interactive touchscreen experiences aren't really about the technology, they're about people.

The people who use the technology to find their way, collaborate or to guide them to an important decision. That's at the core of what we do every day, and why we're so thrilled to be finalists at the UK Digital Excellence Awards.

Due to the success of the Pro Interactive Site Plan across multiple property projects, we've been shortlisted in the Best Platform/Tool/Technology category. This accolade celebrates pioneering tools that research; personalise and optimise, and game-changing technologies and teams who are developing to ensure growth and profitability.

For over thirteen years, we’ve been creating interactive touch-screen experiences that align sales and marketing objectives and improve sales speed and success.

Times have continually changed and demand from tech-savvy consumers has forced developers to reimagine how they sell homes and meet rising expectations. The ever-adaptable Pro Interactive Site Plan has been right there along the way.

A man is in a dark property marketing suite using a touch table to view property CGIs

An interactive buyer-enablement tool that takes users on an individualised sales journey, the Pro Interactive Touchscreen for Real Estate has proven to be a popular package choice over the last five years in particular, and demand for them is still growing.

Suitable for developers of medium to large property developments, the presentation is controlled through a table or wall-mounted touch screen and provides a tailor-made experience that sticks with users long after they leave the marketing suite.

For example, the interactive software can give users the option to view multiple apartment plots for comparison, visualise the entire development and highlight chosen plots on a lit architectural model in sequence. Whether they're on a GCI walkthrough tour or exploring a 3D model, the immersive, multifaceted experience offered to home buyers helps them visualise their new life in that property development, increasing collaboration and sales opportunities for developers.

A man is using a large touchscreen wall to view and move property floorplans

Interactive Touchscreens for Real Estate Deserve to be Talked About

Winning the Best Platform/Technology/Tool of the Year Award would mean a great deal to us all; celebrating the product’s success for our clients, and our drive to develop innovative, interactive products for the property industry.

Still, we have some stiff competition, and good luck to all of them. Whatever the outcome, we're proud of our team and product for making the cut.

We'll find out if we've won at the Don't Panic Events awards ceremony in January 2023 - wish us luck!🍀

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A woman uses a large touchscreen wall in a property marketing suite to show a seated man property plots

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