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"We've worked with Quintessence for several years, they have provided us with many bespoke multi touch systems. We've been successfully using the system for internal presentations within our Cube environment in Neuchatel, cascading this to other countries within the Group and events. It has provided a fantastic collaboration platform. We would highly recommend Quintessence for work of this nature."

Dayana, Project Leader, Digital Science Communications

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Educate visitors, partners and employees on new research and development data in support of a new product range across international markets.


An immersive experience with striking touchscreen interactives


A multi-lingual, end-to-end solution with the ability to display general presentation for the public, while also accommodating a password-protected area for specific multi-touch presentations and adhoc presenting by certain users

Key Deliverables

The Solution

A dedicated, multi-touch innovation experience centre area was created at each location, usually in an atrium area or dedicated breakout room, with group presentation and collaboration at their core.

The presentation was designed to give users the ability to display content cards containing research information or videos, along with images that can be pinch-zoomed, rotated and thrown to three adjoining 4K screen displays - the ultimate in presentation theatre.

Saving money and stress, they received a complete solution including software, hardware, integrated furniture, ongoing support and installation across all sites.

The Results

Located across international sites, the impressive interactive solution provided an innovative communication channel, encouraging information sharing across the company and strengthening connections within.

The accessibility of information and the interactive tools available enabled the workforce to share ideas and stay informed on the latest company products and services easily.

The power of words and images have engaged their audience and retained their attention.

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