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What are the benefits of using an interactive presentation in my marketing suite?

The ultimate answer is simple: they help you sell more homes. Here are the top six reasons why interactives should be an essential part of your marketing plan.

They increase customer collaboration:

Communication with customers doesn't always flow naturally. Interactives are a great way to 'break the ice' and increase agent-customer collaboration. Moving through the interactive content, sales agents take customers along a guided sales path, tweaking and amending to meet individual needs. They're so user-friendly that customers can use the interactive to find the information they need for themselves too.

They create a brand experience:

While using your interactives, customers experience a finely choreographed experience of your brand, designed to maximise your specific message delivery and the emotional response you're aiming for. Simply put, you get to choose what customers see based on how you want them to feel - and the action you'd like them to take.

They bring your development visuals to life

The memorable, multi-faceted experiences offered will be something your customers will remember and enjoy. Whether they're on a GCI walk-through tour or exploring a virtual 3D model, interactives enable customers to immerse themselves in your development - and imagine themselves living there.

They can be placed in strategic and small spaces

You don't need acres of space to accommodate an interactive screen, they can be integrated into the most compact of showrooms. If your space doesn't allow for a physical model of your development, interactive 3D virtual models are an engaging and practical alternative. You can strategically place your displays where you know they'll get the most use and best results too.

They offer the ultimate tailor-made experience

Buying a home is one of life's biggest decisions, who doesn't want to be made to feel special while they do it?  With countless personalisable content options to choose from, interactives ensure your customer's individual needs are easily met, which is crucial for guiding them to the decision that's right for them.

They create sales opportunities

Aren't things just easier when everyone is on the same page? By aligning your interactive marketing content with your sales style and processes, you'll achieve your sales objectives quicker and easier.

We've been helping sales & marketing teams visualise, showcase & sell effectively since 2009. Get in touch to discuss how to innovate and improve your marketing with interactives:




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