The near-universal adoption of smartphones, tablets and touch-screen devices has changed the way in which society accesses information and as a result, businesses are looking for new and innovative ways in which to promote their products and services, according to Ashley D’Souza of AMP House based firm Quintessence.

“The way in which brands have undertaken marketing and the way in which organisations interact with their customers has changed dramatically over the last decade,” he says.

“As mobile technology and smartphones have become ubiquitous, we have witnessed a transformation in the way that business communication is undertaken. It is far more interactive these days and it was inevitable that brands would begin to promote themselves using techniques and technology that are familiar with their audiences,” he adds.

Quintessence has been at the forefront of this transformation and has seen huge success in providing businesses with cutting edge solutions helping them to present their products and services in an easy to use and interactive fashion.

“We enable businesses to communicate with their audiences via interactive presentations and experiences. These might be used at conferences and exhibitions or within a sales environment or in a reception area. They can be used for visualisations, simulations or simply for browsing a product, service or a location,” explains Rob Bosher who established the business around ten years ago with the aim of producing touchscreens for property marketing suites.

While the real estate market is still an important focus for the business, its market has grown and Quintessence interactive screens are also to be found in shops, banks and hotels.

“While technology can be scary, we provide an innovative solution that is user-friendly and logical. In the property world, it allows potential occupiers to explore and view the developments they will one day be living and working in,” he adds.

One of the property schemes that is utilising Quintessence’s technology is Croydon’s own Ruskin Square and the development’s marketing suite, on the 11th floor of AMP House features a video wall that allows potential occupiers to visualise the future plans for the important regeneration of this key location.